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Best Submersible Sump Pumps

Best Submersible Sump Pump Reviews 2015 – Top Picks

Top Submersible sump pumps are used more than any other type of sump pump for water removal in the home. They are most preferred for removing water out of a sump pit due to their underwater design. Here, we are going to present the three best submersible sump pumps based on their water pumping efficiency, quality of design, durability, and affordability.

#1 – Zoeller 1/2 HP Submersible Sump Pump

Zoeller 98-0001 115-Volt 1/2 HP Submersible Effluent/Sump/Pump

zoeller 98This model’s sump pump features include pump housing and a cast-iron motor, making it corrosion free, water resistant, and one of the strongest types of submersible sump pumps. The best submersible sump pump  – Zoeller model also features a waterproof neoprene square ring between the pump housing and the motor. Its lower and upper bearings are equally designed with oil-fed cast iron. Its slip capacitor motor is hermetically sealed and oil filled. Additionally, the pumps seal assembly, arm, handle, guard, and screws are all made of stainless steel. There are many reasons why a lot of consumers trust this model, but the most important reason is how it was sturdily designed to last for many years.


#2 – Liberty Pumps Effluent or Submersible Sump Pump

Liberty Pumps 257 1/3-Horse Power Effluent/Submersible Sump with VMF Switch

liberty 257 sumpWhen we talk about power and water flow capacity, the Liberty 257 1/3 submersible pump has it all.  It features thermal overload protection, 1/3 horse power motor, non-corrosive Epoxy powder cost, rotor shaft, hermetically sealed motor, vertical magnetic float, quick disconnect 10-inch power cord, and Vortex-style impeller for better quality performance. Other features of this product that makes it stand out include a strong housing which removes the lower motor seal usually found on other types of pumps. It also includes 3 different options for the switch, including the VMF (magnetic float design). This submersible sump pump is the ideal choice for basement de-watering and low-head affluent pumping.


#3 – Superior Pumps 1/4 HP Submersible Sump Pump

Superior Pump 91250 1/4 HP Submersible Pump

Superior-Pump-91250-1-4-HP-SUmp-PumpIf you are looking for a sump pump that is thermally protected and has continuous duty performance, then the best suggestion is the superior 91250 brand of submersible pump. It has high water discharge capacity, can lift water up to 2 inches, and pumps more than 25 gallons per minute. It is protected by a one-year warranty, includes 10-foot cord for better accessibility, is corrosion resistant, durable, and designed with strong ¼ horsepower motor. The Superior Pump 91250 Submersible Pump is indeed superior in all ramifications. Unlike other types of submersible pumps that are a bit difficult to control, this model has a tethered float which can be attached to make control easier. Its portability makes it easier change its sitting position.



Best Submersible Sump Pump Reviews 2015

These best submersible pump options have high pumping capacity. They are ideal for areas experiencing lots of flooding. Because they are operated by an electric motor, they have horsepower classification.  They also have great variety of highly durable construction materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, and thermoplastic. With these materials, your submersible sump pumps will remain intact and corrosion-free for many years. They are therefore highly recommended for those looking for durable sump pumps with high water discharge capacity.


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Additional submersible sump pump Information

There are a large variety of sump pumps available in the market where all have the same main objective of clearing water from the area, but the different types are designed to be used in different settings. There are multiple needs of the user as at some places the need is just to pump water, where as in some places, the pump has to deal with pebbles, debris and mud as well. They are also used for pumping water from a swimming pool. For domestic uses, they are installed in the basement where people usually don’t have easy access so they want systems which are easy to install and maintain as well, Wayne submersible sump pumps are some of the best in the market. Specific designs with specific features are used to deal with a variety of situations and needs of the sump pumps. The submersible type is one of the finest options for the home-owners to use it effectively for limited and effective domestic needs.


When to use One of the best rated submersible sump pumps?

The top submersible sump pump is preferred for a number of uses. The following are some of the reasons which will detail as why to use the sump pumps:

  • Convenience – The submersible type brings a lot of convenience. If you are looking to install it in your house in some congested and difficult to access basement, then this one can be your best option. It is easy to access with the float switches and long cord. Further, troubleshooting is also easy as you can easily access it for any purposes.
  • Self Primed – The submersible type pumps water and have it right there so they are self primed for this reason. This is a cost saving option which you will save from priming them.
  • Efficient – The submersible type of sump pump is installed under water and for this reason it doesn’t need to put in much effort for pumping the water. This makes it an energy efficient system and it doesn’t consume too much of the electrical power if it is an electrical option and also efficient if it is battery operated.
  • Using with pressure pumps – As you might be aware that the pressure pumps need water to operate so these submersible type sump pumps are known to supply water which is required for creating the needed pressure for the pumps to work. They can also be used for sucking the water from a dwell or lake nearby. The water accumulated through this mechanism can then be used by the pressure pumps for carrying out any cleaning task of any surface that you are required to do.
  • Corrosion resistant – It is a very useful benefit which only the submersible kind of a pump can only give. The low quality pumps are vulnerable to corrosion and the best one has the ability to resist corrosion using their thermoplastic or the stainless steel material. This is also helpful in increasing the lifespan where the best ones are known to last for decades.

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