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Best Utilitech Sump Pumps

utilitech sump pumpsUtilitech Sump Pump Reviews 2015

A Utilitech Sump Pump is the most exceptional and top quality option available in the market for the home owners. Apart from quality, they are productive and durable as well. Moreover, the best art of this type is that its installation can be a DIY job. You don’t need to be a DIY expert to perform this task. You just need to have a few basic DIY skills to do this job with ease by yourself. A few tips and tricks need to be learned which will also help you in maintaining this system in case it malfunctions or some other issue occurs. The Utilitech sump pumps will surely give you the right value for your money which you were looking for.



utilitech sump pumpingUtilitech Submersible Sump Pumps:

Installing the Utilitech sump pumps is not that much a difficult job as it seems. Installing it yourself will save you considerable money which otherwise you would have needed to spend on hiring a professional plumber to do the job. You can keep this guide as your main reference person whenever you are looking to install the Utilitech sump pump. The following are the basic steps that need to be performed:

  • Start first by setting up the sump pump system upside down underneath the lowest part of your house where you want it to be installed. Using any indicator, you can mark the outline of the unit on the floor.
  • If it is a concrete floor then you will need to use a demolition hammer for chopping the floor.
  • The hole on the floor should be dug deep enough so that the system could get properly installed.
  • The unit should ideally be wrapped up in filter fabric.
  • Once the hole is ready, then setup the equipment in it.
  • Make sure that you need to add quite a few inches of the gravel to it for giving a much better and firm hold.
  • A stone paver, then should be laid on the top side of the gravel.
  • In the next step, set up your sump pump on the top side of the paver.
  • Then connect the associated check valve, and also the PVP pipe to the main unit. Make sure that you run up the pipe by a nearby wall.
  • Use a hole saw and drill in a hole in the house wall.
  • The PVC pipe should be deployed through the hole in order to reach the outdoors.
  • Fill in the top side of the unit with concrete and use a pointed trowel for making the concrete a bit smooth.
  • Connect the pump with the power source and give it a test drive by adding water into the unit.

There is a good video here showing you a utilitech model in action.


Best Utilitech Sump Pumps:

Installing the Utilitech is a not so difficult DIY job. You can easily do it at home by following a few simple steps discussed above. This will help you save good money which otherwise you would have spent on hiring a plumber.