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Best Ridgid sump pump reviews

When it comes to the selection of the best ridgid sump pumps, the first thing that comes in your mind is that which manufacturer to go with. There are a number of options in this regard and the Ridgid manufacturer is usually on top of the list of many potential buyers. It is being said because of immense response of the customers who find their product to be durable and high performing.

Top 3 products: The following are the top 3 best Ridgid sump pumps available in the market:

ridgid 1hp sump pumpRidgid 1/ 4 HP utility Sump pump

#1 is the Best Ridgid sump pump, 85987 TP-250 Black is an enormous model with lots of utilities for the users. It is a top quality product which can look well after your water pumping needs with ease.


  • The maintenance is easy with its stainless steel insert screen which is also rust resistant.
  • The 1/ 4 HP motor is high performing and can pump 790 gallons of water in 1 hour.
  • The manufacturer offers 3 years warty which is rare to see with such affordable pumps.


Ridgid RS33 1/ 3 HP Sump Pump

It is an energy efficient system which comes with a highly productive 0.33 HP motor. It is reliable, high performing and durable machine with its sturdy construction using state of the art technical features.


  • The system is known to perform well in pumping water that contains pebbles and debris with not much clogging issues.
  • It is thermally coated which makes it corrosion resistant.
  • The product is very easy to install, maintain and troubleshoot.


ridgid pedestal sump pumpRidgid 1/3 HP Pedestal Sump Pump

If you are looking for a quality sump pump of pedestal type, then this one from Ridgid is a quality option. It comes with an excellent drive shaft made from stainless steel material which will give you top performance with lesser maintenance hassles. The ½ HP motor creates excellent suction power and works at a very high rate to pump all the unwanted water out of your property.


  • The system is manufactured from high quality cast iron, which is durable and corrosion free at the same time.
  • The system is fairly easy to install and troubleshooting wouldn’t be much of an issue.
  • It comes with a 10 foot cord and the motor can pump at an astonishing rate of 3100 GPH.



Didnt find what you were looking for?  See ALL RIDGID Sump Pumps here… Want to see a 1/2 HP unit running, check out the video here on youtube.

zoeller sump pumpingBest Zoeller Sump Pump Reviews

The Zoeller brand of backup sump pumps has the ultimate water pumping solution that is incomparable to any other type of sump pump the world over. From municipal and commercial water pump solutions to clean water and residential waste solution, the Zoeller sump pump provides the best.

Their products are all designed to have extra protection in case the primary AC pump disappoints as a result of electrical problems, brownouts, or storms. The brand’s backup systems are sturdily built to ensure an uninterrupted water supply system for both households and commercial places.

Zoeller – Why is it a trusted and highly rated brand?

Quality does not hide itself. People like to identify with quality, and the Zoeller backup sump pump system provides the ultimate alternative for those with emergency need of water as a backup to the primary submersible pump.

How about its compatibility?

Interestingly, the Zoeller brand of backup sump pump can fit into virtually all types of primary sump pumps. It is light weight and installed with the discharge pipe slightly above the primary sump pump. When installing, the pit should be 24 inches deep and 18 inches in diameter. But it can also be compatible when installed in a 20 inch deep pit and a 14 inch diameter sump pit.  It fits well with most type of primary sump pumps used in residential and commercial buildings.

What are its pumping strength for water flow during heavy rains?

This brand of water pump can pump about 1380 gallons per hour (or 23 gallons per minute) at a 5-foot vertical lift.  This rate is really fast considering the problems posed by heavy rains when using water pump to draw out water.

top zoeller sump pumpsKey features of the Zoeller Sump Pump brand

The Zoeller backup sump pump functions on a fully charged 12 volt battery that keeps the pump functioning for 7 hours continuously if operates intermittently. The pumps for all models are pressure tested from the manufacturing point to ensure that it works properly when installed. The pump’s controller is designed with light indicators and alarms to provide the efficiency of operations.



The led light is there to indicate when the battery is fully or partially charged, when the power is on or when the alarm is off. On the other hand, the alarm tells you when the battery charge is low. It beeps continuously to indicate a low charged battery. It also beeps when the backup pump starts running.


Zoeller Sump Pump Components

The volute and pump housing are designed with a thermoplastic, a common feature for most battery sump pumps. This brand has a solid impeller (usually made of polycarbonate) and is resistant to harsh temperature. It works well even at about 150 degrees. This feature is very vital in case there is an emergency water situation where the pump is required to run for long hours. The float switch has low voltage and is very dependable. It comes in either a vertical or tether float, depending on the model you choose.

In terms of cost, the brand has a very affordable price compared to its quality and feature. there are not many brands out there that can guarantee such quality backup water pump at a very affordable brands.  Overall, the Zoeller brand of sump pump is the ideal backup sump pump solution for most household and commercial buildings.

There is a handy video below of a switch repaired for a Zoeller sump pump, check it out if you would like to see how they fixed it.

What is a sump pump and how does it work?

What is a sump pump?

It is a small pump which is actually installed underneath the lowest part of your house which can be your basement or the crawlspace. Its purpose is to support the homeowners in having a clean, hygienic and totally dried. It also works vigilantly for preventing the lowest part of your house from flooding which is a possibility otherwise. They are extremely useful and the modern construction, especially for the houses is done by keeping the sump pump installation in mind. It is more important to know about the working rather than knowing that what is a sump pump. This guide will facilitate you with all its working and the importance of having such a system installed right underneath your basement or the lowest part of your house.

How does a Sump Pump work?

‘What is a sump pump’ is definitely going to be the next big option that people would search on the internet very soon, especially those who aren’t aware of its perks and benefits. There are several issues where water penetrates into the base of your house through water leakage and several other sewerage faults. It can be very dangerous as the standing water underneath could stumble the foundation of your house. It becomes even a more dangerous issue if you have a wooden house structure which is a normal case in many houses seen in America, United Kingdom and Europe. Wear and tear can also be noticed on the walls and several other potential health hazards are also there with this issue.

They  have a very specialized way of installation and there working is also very interesting to look for. The sump pump is actually installed in a specifically designed sump pit. The water flows down into the sump pit through natural water migration or maybe through the constructed drains. The main working of the unit is to pump this unwanted water tight out of the pit and chuck it away from the construction so that the basement and the walls of the house remains completely dry.

The American Society of Home Inspectors is doing an excellent job in raising awareness among people and also making it a mandatory thing enforced by law for all the new and even the existing construction. According to their research and statistics, nearly 65 percent of the American houses are affected through underground wetness. The severity of the wetness varies for different houses, but the numbers collected are alarmingly high enough to take serious steps. The worst is yet to come as the ASH Inspectors believe that several more homes are likely to be hit with a flooded basement anytime soon rather than later. The sump pump is a necessity and it saves people from thousands of dollars, which they might have to spend otherwise if an underground flood occurs.



The sump pumps are a definite must for your home as must as any other thing is important for your property. The low lying and the snowy areas are more vulnerable for underground water seepage which at worst can cause serious flooding.

utilitech sump pumpsUtilitech Sump Pump Reviews 2015

A Utilitech Sump Pump is the most exceptional and top quality option available in the market for the home owners. Apart from quality, they are productive and durable as well. Moreover, the best art of this type is that its installation can be a DIY job. You don’t need to be a DIY expert to perform this task. You just need to have a few basic DIY skills to do this job with ease by yourself. A few tips and tricks need to be learned which will also help you in maintaining this system in case it malfunctions or some other issue occurs. The Utilitech sump pumps will surely give you the right value for your money which you were looking for.



utilitech sump pumpingUtilitech Submersible Sump Pumps:

Installing the Utilitech sump pumps is not that much a difficult job as it seems. Installing it yourself will save you considerable money which otherwise you would have needed to spend on hiring a professional plumber to do the job. You can keep this guide as your main reference person whenever you are looking to install the Utilitech sump pump. The following are the basic steps that need to be performed:

  • Start first by setting up the sump pump system upside down underneath the lowest part of your house where you want it to be installed. Using any indicator, you can mark the outline of the unit on the floor.
  • If it is a concrete floor then you will need to use a demolition hammer for chopping the floor.
  • The hole on the floor should be dug deep enough so that the system could get properly installed.
  • The unit should ideally be wrapped up in filter fabric.
  • Once the hole is ready, then setup the equipment in it.
  • Make sure that you need to add quite a few inches of the gravel to it for giving a much better and firm hold.
  • A stone paver, then should be laid on the top side of the gravel.
  • In the next step, set up your sump pump on the top side of the paver.
  • Then connect the associated check valve, and also the PVP pipe to the main unit. Make sure that you run up the pipe by a nearby wall.
  • Use a hole saw and drill in a hole in the house wall.
  • The PVC pipe should be deployed through the hole in order to reach the outdoors.
  • Fill in the top side of the unit with concrete and use a pointed trowel for making the concrete a bit smooth.
  • Connect the pump with the power source and give it a test drive by adding water into the unit.

There is a good video here showing you a utilitech model in action.


Best Utilitech Sump Pumps:

Installing the Utilitech is a not so difficult DIY job. You can easily do it at home by following a few simple steps discussed above. This will help you save good money which otherwise you would have spent on hiring a plumber.

how do sump pumps workHow does a sump pump work – The DIY Guide

The sump pump is really a thing that unknowingly serves a lot to the homeowners. It performs a very important job which protects the basements or the entire foundation of our house from potential water damages. It removes the naturally flowing water through the soil underneath our house which can cause flooding in your basements even. It is a problem more common in the lower and the snowy areas where water easily penetrates underneath the house and can stay there, causing several damages. The sump pump in this regard plays a crucial role in removing the water and throwing it away from the house structure. There are different sump pumps available and you need to learn about all of them in order to know that how a sump pump works.

Types of sump pumps and their working:

How do sump pump works is a question which many people asks out of curiosity. Every type has a specific function which is given below for your consideration:

  • Pedestal – This type is the most common were a pedestal is mounted with a small motor. It is a small unit which can be about 2 ½ feet tall. A hose goes right down from the motor to the bottom of the pit. Here is a floating metal rod as well, which moves up and down as the water level rise in the pit. When a certain height is attained by the float, then the motor gets activated and it works to work the excess water away from the property. This is how sump pump works in its most traditional form.
  • Submersible pumps – it is a useful system which is much smaller than the pedestal type. They have a maximum height of about just a foot. Several of its models have a float switch and the rod just as the pedestal system with the exception that the rod is shorter, just about 4 inches in length. The pump sucks the water right from the bottom of the pump. It is a useful function and working of the system as it can prevent the debris and some loose particles to penetrate into the system.
  • Ejector pumps – if your basement collects a lot of debris and you are concerned about it getting stuck in the system then in such situations, the ejector pump is ideal. It will not only suck the unwanted water, but will also prevent the debris, pebbles and other loose particles get stuck in the system. It is an exceptional option but exceptionally useful and definitely worth it where the need is to have a 2-in 1 sump pump. It is manufactured with cast iron material and uses a 2 inch injector rather than a standard ¼ inch found in usual sump pumps. The enhanced size along with a unique style allows to process pebbles and debris as well along with the unwanted water.

pumps workingHow Pump Work – Conclusion:

There are different types of sump pumps available in the market and each one has a different working style. People choose the pumps according to their requirements and more specifically as per the dynamics of their house.

wayne battery backup sump pumpsBest Wayne Backup Battery Sump Pumps 2015

There are many people who are scared of leaving their home for vacations in the winter just because of the potential threat of flooding their basement. It is especially the case in those areas where there is chances of heavy rain and also heavy snowfall. If the water penetrates and turns into a flood underneath then it can damage the foundations of your property and can seep through the walls resulting in several other physical damage and hygiene hazards. In such situations where you want to go for a vacation with the right peace of mind, then the ordinary sump pumps will not work as they do not have a backup in case of an electricity failure. Further, in storm and heavy rain situation there are a lot more chances than average for having a power failure. This will bring your standard sump pumps to a halt and if the water penetrates, then it will stay there and will damage the property until the power gets restored, bit not a wayne sump pump.

See the top selling Wayne backup pumps

Battery backup Sump Pump option:

The battery backup sump pump is ideally designed for this purpose. It will work continuously without any interrupt even if there is a power failure. It is because of its battery backup source which is utilized in case of an electricity failure. So, if you are planning a vacation or going anywhere for any reason, then get Wayne sump pumps installed in your homes with no tension at all. Wayne is a top brand for producing such plumbing equipments and has proved with their products quality and features that they are known to last long.

If you compare it with the water powered alternative system for which it is a very close competitor then in terms of water flow, it gives you better performance than the former. It is mainly because of its uninterrupted performance , which means a consistent flow of water.


wayne sump pumpsBest Wayne Sump Pump Reviews:

It is my sole responsibility to discuss the limitations of the Wayne backup battery sump pumps as well or otherwise it will be a big dishonesty. One big limitation of the battery backup systems is that they cannot operate aloe on their own. You need to have another sump pump system installed as well with it to take some part of the workload. The submersible comes as the best option for the application and the wayne sump pumps are some of the best products to choose from.

Further, it must come with a float switch as well. The system only serves well for a limited time. It isn’t that reliable if the power breakdown is for an indefinite long period.


With a Wayne sump pump, however you can be assured that they are reliable which typically comes with a heavy duty primary pump voltage and reasonably good backup battery voltage. They have a useful alarm system to indicate the homeowners that the backup system is active. The homeowner if at home would take all the preventive measures to ensure that the electricity is restored in time if there is a potential risk of flood.

sump pump installHow to Install A Sump Pump – A Step by Step Guide

If you have ever witnessed a flooded basement in your home due to power failure, you would know the importance of having a backup sump pump that runs on batteries and not dependent on electricity supply. Backup sump pumps are very important because they make use of 12-volt battery that keep the sump pump fully operational for long hours even where there is a power cut or no electricity.

This machine plays a very important role and can save you a lot of headaches especially if you live in a water lodged area and there is no guarantee of uninterrupted electricity supply.

Usually, it will cost you approximately $350 (including material and labor) to get a plumber to install a battery operated backup sump pump in your home. But if you are a little experienced, and have slight installation knowledge, you can do it at a lesser cost since you won’t be paying for installation. A good sump pump is sold for $220. This means that you will be able to save about 34% when you install the system by yourself.

There are some risks attached with do-it-yourself approaches

If you don’t allow a professional to install it and you don’t have much installation experience, you are likely going to face some difficulties when installing. Even when you successfully complete the installation, there might be errors or mistakes which might prove to be very costly over time. So, although you will be saving a lot of money when you decide to install the sump pump by yourself, getting a professional help will ensure that your system is properly installed.

A typical installation process of the sump pump involves several steps. If you are not very comfortable installing the system on your own, it is usually better to contact a professional who knows the job very well. The installation job involves cutting some plumbing parts of the main pump and gluing the new PVC pipe to the plumbing line, and connecting the backup pump with the primary pump. This is typically a difficult job if you don’t know your way around. But if you have experience with sump pump installation, it will be worthwhile to get it done yourself since you will be saving a lot of money in the process.

However, it will be best to leave the job for a plumbing contractor if the primary pump is designed with a steel pipe, which requires the expertise of working with steel piping.

Whichever way you go  (whether installing it yourself or contracting a professional), you will sleep better knowing that your house and basement is protected from torrential rain.

See this video here on installing sump pumps yourself..


sump-pump-installationThings to note after installation

Try to make sure that the sump pump is checked once in every 3 months to ensure that it is working properly and remove any debris or dirt that might have collected at the base. You may even decide to check it once a month especially during periods of heavy rainfall when the sump pump is used more often.

Overall, knowing the actual cost of installing a backup sump pump can help you decide whether it is better to contact a plumbing professional or do the installation yourself.

campbell hausfeld sump pumpCampbell Hausfeld Sump Pump Reviews

Campbell Hausfeld is a reputable manufacturer which produces a whole range of plumbing equipments. Campbell Hausfeld sump pumps have got something really special about them in terms of its quality and endurance for your basement installations. Choosing the right sump pump requires you to invest in a bit of time for research. There are a number of different types of Campbell Hausfeld sump pumps, the link below will take you to the full range so that you can choose the most appropriate model for your sump pump buying needs.

Suitable Campbell hausfeld sump pumps

Best Campbell Hausfeld Sump Pumps

Types of Backup sump pumps:

The first job of the buyer is to find the right product that suits his needs. There are different types of standardized sump pumps and the manufacturer excels in producing all of them. If you look deep into the different types considering their functionalities, features and limitations, you will realize that there is an ideal one for you among the 5 popular types. The following are those types explained for your convenience:

  • SubmersibleIt is the most simple and the straightforward type of the equipment. It functions from the bottom of the equipment and sucks all water out either into your neighborhood waste or right up to the drainage system of your locality.
  • Water Powered – The principle of water powered equipment working is just identical to a straw that you use for drinking cold beverages. It is installed just above the sump and the water is pulled out just like a straw would do.
  • Backup It is ideally suitable to secure for any collateral damage. If you have any valuable property or possessions in your basement such as carpet or electronic items, then the backup sump pump system is ideal to have. It will work continuously even if there is no power. It is a great advantage which can save your basement from flooding if you are living in a low elevated area or if it snows there a lot.
  • Portable Floor Sucker – Its specialty is that it keeps the area clean and dry, apart from just getting rid of the sump.
  • PedestalIt is hassle free equipment as the mechanical parts are ideally located above, so that the homeowner doesn’t have any trouble to maintain it. There is a downside and that is the system produces too much of a noise which can be frustrating for the households.

See best current prices        |        Top selling model here


Sump Pump Buying Guides:

If you are an experienced buyer and looking to replace your old system with the same one, then things will be a lot easier for you. If you liked its functions and it serves the purpose right then there is no need to experiment. But, if you are a first time buyer then be careful as that can be a tricky thing to experience. You need to make a few checks such as the gravity of your sump pit and the sump problem you are facing is regular or an occasional one. If the problem is occasional than the submersible is ideal or the water powered one otherwise. The best Campbell Hausfeld sump pumps are exceptionally good to cater for all types of needs.

T see a battery backup campbell hausfeld sump pump test, see the youtube clip below for more details.