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How do Sump Pumps Work

how do sump pumps workHow does a sump pump work – The DIY Guide

The sump pump is really a thing that unknowingly serves a lot to the homeowners. It performs a very important job which protects the basements or the entire foundation of our house from potential water damages. It removes the naturally flowing water through the soil underneath our house which can cause flooding in your basements even. It is a problem more common in the lower and the snowy areas where water easily penetrates underneath the house and can stay there, causing several damages. The sump pump in this regard plays a crucial role in removing the water and throwing it away from the house structure. There are different sump pumps available and you need to learn about all of them in order to know that how a sump pump works.

Types of sump pumps and their working:

How do sump pump works is a question which many people asks out of curiosity. Every type has a specific function which is given below for your consideration:

  • PedestalThis type is the most common were a pedestal is mounted with a small motor. It is a small unit which can be about 2 ½ feet tall. A hose goes right down from the motor to the bottom of the pit. Here is a floating metal rod as well, which moves up and down as the water level rise in the pit. When a certain height is attained by the float, then the motor gets activated and it works to work the excess water away from the property. This is how sump pump works in its most traditional form.
  • Submersible pumps – it is a useful system which is much smaller than the pedestal type. They have a maximum height of about just a foot. Several of its models have a float switch and the rod just as the pedestal system with the exception that the rod is shorter, just about 4 inches in length. The pump sucks the water right from the bottom of the pump. It is a useful function and working of the system as it can prevent the debris and some loose particles to penetrate into the system.
  • Ejector pumps – if your basement collects a lot of debris and you are concerned about it getting stuck in the system then in such situations, the ejector pump is ideal. It will not only suck the unwanted water, but will also prevent the debris, pebbles and other loose particles get stuck in the system. It is an exceptional option but exceptionally useful and definitely worth it where the need is to have a 2-in 1 sump pump. It is manufactured with cast iron material and uses a 2 inch injector rather than a standard ¼ inch found in usual sump pumps. The enhanced size along with a unique style allows to process pebbles and debris as well along with the unwanted water.

pumps workingHow Pump Work – Conclusion:

There are different types of sump pumps available in the market and each one has a different working style. People choose the pumps according to their requirements and more specifically as per the dynamics of their house.