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Best Pedestal Sump Pumps

Best Pedestal Sump Pump Reviews

Between the two types of sump pumps available in the market today, sump pump reviews commonly show that pedestal pumps are the least expensive and the most durable. They are suitable for all types of water removal purposes.  However, there are different brands and designs of this type of sump pump. While some have low horsepower, others are superior in quality and have high horsepower, there is a big difference between a good quality product and a cheap one. If you are looking to buy pedestal sump pumps for your needs, below are the best three models selected according to efficiency, features, and customer ratings.

#11/2 Hp Wayne Pedestal Sump Pump Review

Wayne Spv-800 Pedestal Sump Pump 1/2 Hp

wayne spv pedThis is one of the most highly regarded pedestal pumps in the market today. Its features include mechanical vertical float switch, 12-inch diameter sump pits, top suction filters, 2900 GPH at 1 inch, 3800 GPH at 10 inches, FTP discharge, and thermoplastic body housing. It also comes with a 2-year warranty and has an adjustable float that ensures tailoring of operating circle. If you are looking for a pump that effectively keeps water away automatically, then the Wayne Spv-800 Pump ½ HP is the ideal choice for you.


#2 – Red Lion Pedestal Sump Pump

Red Lion 3500-GPH Pedestal Sump Pump

red lion 3500This product is extremely versatile, perfect for low and normal duty water removal. It also has the capacity to pass solids that are up to ½ inch in diameter. Red Lion 3500 Sump Pump has a clog-resistant design with heavy-duty cast-iron construction. This is why it is the number one choice for many happy owners of sump pumps. Other great features that make this product stand apart from the rest include HP 1/3 cast iron construction design and a snap action float switch that makes the operation of this machine quite easy. If you need a sump pump which is not only durable but highly efficient when operating, the Red Lion Pedestal Sump Pump will be your best pick.


#3 – The Best Flotec Pedestal Sump Pump

Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09 Pedestal Sump Pump

flotec 3600This pedestal pump comes in cast iron and thermoplastic construction. Its top inlet ensures that loose debris in the sump pit cannot find its way into the pump. The stainless steel and rugged cast iron construction make it a step ahead of others in its class. If you are looking for a smaller or more moderate looking sump pump which has superior horse power and will last for years, then this model is for you. Other features include non-clogging impeller, top screen inlet that produces about 1 to 14 inches discharge, and 6 foot long grounded cord.


Pedestal Sump Pump Reviews 2015

Pedestal sump pumps are the most common types and some of the best sump pumps found in many households. Apart from their lower cost, they are more resilient since their major parts are not submerged in the water. However, one downside of this type of sump pump is the risk it poses to children when exposed outside, unlike the submersible units that are placed underwater such as Wayne and Zoeller sump pumps. The pedestal sump pump still remains very popular and the above products are three of the best types you can find in the market today.


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