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Back up Sump Pumps

Best 3 Backup Sump Pump Reviews

During winter, those with basement flooding problems are likely to feel uneasy with the possibility of floods overwhelming their homes. If you are one of these people, you are not alone. Definitely, a sump pump system installed in the basement may seem the logical answer, but how do you deal with the situation when there is a power outage? This is where the backup sump pump system will come to the rescue. In case the power goes out when you are not home and the flood is threatening your home, the best backup pumps provide that ultimate protection and assurance that water will be easily and effectively pumped away, leaving your home and property safe and dry. This is the major benefit of a backup sump pump system. There are different types and brands of this system in the market today. When buying a backup sump pump, it is important to go for a good brand with excellent features in order to give your home the ultimate protection it deserves. Below are three of the best backup sump pump systems you can choose to guarantee steady performance and effective water removal.

The Best Wayne Battery Backup Sump Pump

Wayne 1/2 HP Battery Backup Sump Pump System

This is another high quality backup sump pump system from Wayne manufacturers. The features of this product include battery box and charger, efficient reed float switch, corrosion resistant, high flow, vertical float switch ideal for automatic operation, cast-iron primary pump, and top suction. These are some of the features that make this product very popular. In fact, you won’t get a lot of battery back up systems that offer so much at an affordable price as the Wayne ½ Battery Backup System.


Wayne ESP25 Back Up Sump Pump Review

Wayne ESP25 12-Volt 3300 Back Up Sump Pump System

wayne backup sump pumpWith 5 out of 5 ratings from hundreds of buyers at Amazon, surely this backup system lives up to its reputation. Over the years, it has been regarded as the best backup system, and this reputation has been retained for a reason. It is available at quite an affordable price, is great for home use, and has a great flow rate. If you are interested in a compact design that removes water on a medium scale, this backupsump pump should be your best bet. Its features include 40-amp-per-hour battery, alarm sounds to notify when the system is active, plastic construction resistant to corrosion, and ESP2 battery technology with high flow pump.


Liberty Pumps Back-Up Sump Pump

Liberty Pumps SJ10 1-1/2-Inch Back-Up Pump

liberty sj10 sump pumpThis is a water-powered backup system that requires no electricity to operate. Features of this product include built-in screen which has a removable foot valve, UPC approved, ¾ inch inlet connection suitable for CTV, copper, or Pex, and accepts up to 100 PSI inlet supply pressure. It also comes with an adjustable stainless steel hose for hassle-free mounting.



Best Backup Sump Pump Reviews 2015

There are many benefits of owning a battery back up sump pump for those who experience some level of flooding in their homes. They give you the peace of mind that your home or property won’t be consumed by water even while you are away and there is no power supply. They don’t rely on electricity to operate and automatically switch on to their battery power source when there is no electricity. If you are looking to get one of these systems to help you protect your home, consider the above model backup sump pump reviews and the safety of your property during floods will always be guaranteed.

This video below shows how to install a batter backup sump pump in your basement.


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Best Battery Backup Sump Pumps 2015battery backup sump pumps

Battery backup sump pumps are an effective choice because you can rely on them starting regardless of whether you have a power outage or if you run out of gas. There are many brands to choose from and in general you can count on more than 1000 gallons per minute, and more than 7 hours of power from the battery before it requires recharging. No matter your budget or the application for the sump pump you can find plenty of options online to choose from. The best ratings and advice in sump pump reviews will help you make the right choice for you.

Continuous Pumping with a Sump Pump

Continuous pumping is not recommended for backup sump pumps that are powered by batteries, they aren’t designed for it and if this is the duty required for you usage then I would recommend a pedestal sump pump, or submersible sump pump option instead. When considering chargers for your batter backup sump pump then the chargers with higher amps (current) will recharge the battery faster, this can be very useful if you need your backup sump pump back in action sooner rather than later. Remember, these pumps are all about reducing risk and moving water when required, and if you need it again soon after its done its job it might be time to consider another type of pump for the application.

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AC Power Sump Pumps and Chargingbattery backup sump pump 2015

The benefit of having AC power under normal circumstances is that the pump can function under normal conditions at low cost and without needing to draw down batter power. Make sure when you select a product that the pump monitors battery power so that it can automatically charge the battery when AC power is restored, it is a very important feature. Additionally, similar to any charger it is imperative that the charger stops once the battery is full again to preserve the lifetime of the battery.

When you have periods where the sump pump is not being used, its often a good idea to start the pump now and then, a lot of pumps these days have an automatic feature to start the pump once a week to ensure there are no issues. Not all models have the ability to charge a battery and pump water at the same time, this is useful, especially when the demand on the pump is high in your circumstances.

Starting Sump Pumps Regularly and Instrumentationbattery sump pump

Batteries need water and maintaining your sump pump involves checking the batter water levels from time to time. Batter terminals can have loose connections or become damaged or the circuitry designed for auto operation can fail. If you monitor your sump pump the majority of units on the market will automatically alarm that something is wrong under these circumstances. Instrumentation has come a long way over the years and many manufacturers have learnt from the shortcomings of certain product, which means that all the alarms and guidance you can imagine is readily available for most products. Reading up on reviews is a great way to sort the good from the bad and we recommend searching troubleshooting guides and buyers guides that are available.

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