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What is a Sump Pump

What is a sump pump and how does it work?

What is a sump pump?

It is a small pump which is actually installed underneath the lowest part of your house which can be your basement or the crawlspace. Its purpose is to support the homeowners in having a clean, hygienic and totally dried. It also works vigilantly for preventing the lowest part of your house from flooding which is a possibility otherwise. They are extremely useful and the modern construction, especially for the houses is done by keeping the sump pump installation in mind. It is more important to know about the working rather than knowing that what is a sump pump. This guide will facilitate you with all its working and the importance of having such a system installed right underneath your basement or the lowest part of your house.

How does a Sump Pump work?

‘What is a sump pump’ is definitely going to be the next big option that people would search on the internet very soon, especially those who aren’t aware of its perks and benefits. There are several issues where water penetrates into the base of your house through water leakage and several other sewerage faults. It can be very dangerous as the standing water underneath could stumble the foundation of your house. It becomes even a more dangerous issue if you have a wooden house structure which is a normal case in many houses seen in America, United Kingdom and Europe. Wear and tear can also be noticed on the walls and several other potential health hazards are also there with this issue.

They  have a very specialized way of installation and there working is also very interesting to look for. The sump pump is actually installed in a specifically designed sump pit. The water flows down into the sump pit through natural water migration or maybe through the constructed drains. The main working of the unit is to pump this unwanted water tight out of the pit and chuck it away from the construction so that the basement and the walls of the house remains completely dry.

The American Society of Home Inspectors is doing an excellent job in raising awareness among people and also making it a mandatory thing enforced by law for all the new and even the existing construction. According to their research and statistics, nearly 65 percent of the American houses are affected through underground wetness. The severity of the wetness varies for different houses, but the numbers collected are alarmingly high enough to take serious steps. The worst is yet to come as the ASH Inspectors believe that several more homes are likely to be hit with a flooded basement anytime soon rather than later. The sump pump is a necessity and it saves people from thousands of dollars, which they might have to spend otherwise if an underground flood occurs.



The sump pumps are a definite must for your home as must as any other thing is important for your property. The low lying and the snowy areas are more vulnerable for underground water seepage which at worst can cause serious flooding.