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Best Zoeller Backup Sump Pumps

zoeller sump pumpingBest Zoeller Sump Pump Reviews

The Zoeller brand of backup sump pumps has the ultimate water pumping solution that is incomparable to any other type of sump pump the world over. From municipal and commercial water pump solutions to clean water and residential waste solution, the Zoeller sump pump provides the best.

Their products are all designed to have extra protection in case the primary AC pump disappoints as a result of electrical problems, brownouts, or storms. The brand’s backup systems are sturdily built to ensure an uninterrupted water supply system for both households and commercial places.

Zoeller – Why is it a trusted and highly rated brand?

Quality does not hide itself. People like to identify with quality, and the Zoeller backup sump pump system provides the ultimate alternative for those with emergency need of water as a backup to the primary submersible pump.

How about its compatibility?

Interestingly, the Zoeller brand of backup sump pump can fit into virtually all types of primary sump pumps. It is light weight and installed with the discharge pipe slightly above the primary sump pump. When installing, the pit should be 24 inches deep and 18 inches in diameter. But it can also be compatible when installed in a 20 inch deep pit and a 14 inch diameter sump pit.  It fits well with most type of primary sump pumps used in residential and commercial buildings.

What are its pumping strength for water flow during heavy rains?

This brand of water pump can pump about 1380 gallons per hour (or 23 gallons per minute) at a 5-foot vertical lift.  This rate is really fast considering the problems posed by heavy rains when using water pump to draw out water.

top zoeller sump pumpsKey features of the Zoeller Sump Pump brand

The Zoeller backup sump pump functions on a fully charged 12 volt battery that keeps the pump functioning for 7 hours continuously if operates intermittently. The pumps for all models are pressure tested from the manufacturing point to ensure that it works properly when installed. The pump’s controller is designed with light indicators and alarms to provide the efficiency of operations.



The led light is there to indicate when the battery is fully or partially charged, when the power is on or when the alarm is off. On the other hand, the alarm tells you when the battery charge is low. It beeps continuously to indicate a low charged battery. It also beeps when the backup pump starts running.


Zoeller Sump Pump Components

The volute and pump housing are designed with a thermoplastic, a common feature for most battery sump pumps. This brand has a solid impeller (usually made of polycarbonate) and is resistant to harsh temperature. It works well even at about 150 degrees. This feature is very vital in case there is an emergency water situation where the pump is required to run for long hours. The float switch has low voltage and is very dependable. It comes in either a vertical or tether float, depending on the model you choose.

In terms of cost, the brand has a very affordable price compared to its quality and feature. there are not many brands out there that can guarantee such quality backup water pump at a very affordable brands.  Overall, the Zoeller brand of sump pump is the ideal backup sump pump solution for most household and commercial buildings.

There is a handy video below of a switch repaired for a Zoeller sump pump, check it out if you would like to see how they fixed it.